• Umber Gift Set - Secret Scents of Ella
  • Umber Gift Set - Secret Scents of Ella

Umber Gift Set ™

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What is it?

The SSE Umber Gift Set of 3, which includes: 

Crystal, Créme Brulee, and Mahagony. 


A perfect aesthetically pleasing home decor, inspired to bring sensuality back to women. Embracing our softness, curves, and resilience. Each shade of brown was strategically chosen to celebrate the many hues of you.

DISCLAIMER: THIS PRODUCT MAY HAVE SMALL IMPERFECTIONS PRESENT, such as tiny holes, frosting, indentation from molds & color discoloration. Our candle shades appear darker within our product images as all shots are taken in low lighting, to allow undertones to appear more prominent. Ensure you’re happy with this disclaimer before purchasing, as refunds cannot be offered for any imperfection listed. 


  • Burn time: 1 hour
  • Grams:125
  • Materials: Unscented 100% Organic Wax, Pre-Waxed Cotton Wick, Candle Dye.
  • Measurements: H: 3.5"/ L: 2"/ W: 2.3"



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