Sutton in Crystal

Sutton in Crystal

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What is it?

Sutton is not as bold as Stallion yet; she stands on her own two feet. she is the moment, standing taller than umber; she is the perfect handheld candle. use it as a match or a candle, or maybe keep it aesthetic with your home decor! 


Height: 4 in
Length: 2 in
Width: 2.3 in
125 gram 

Disclaimer: This product may have small imperfections, such as tiny holes, frosting, indentation from molds, & color discoloration. Our candle shades can appear darker or lighter within our product images as all shots are taken in low lighting to allow undertones to appear more prominent. Ensure you’re happy with this disclaimer before purchasing, as refunds cannot be offered for any imperfection listed.


pre-orders can take up to three weeks to be processed, shipped, and delivered from the time of purchase.